30+ Awesome Window Treatment Ideas and Curtain Designs Photos

Window Treatment Ideas – Having great windows is a major plus in any home–they add character and provide much coveted natural light. Without window treatments, however, the space will look unfinished.

Whether you choose blinds, cornices or curtains, windows are a good place to anchor the room’s overall design and inject your own personal style. Before deciding on a treatment, determine what function the window covering needs to serve and the aesthetic you want it to reflect. Is it for a home office? Blinds that block out glare from the sun are a good choice. Looking for an elegant touch to a dining room window? A cornice is a stylish option. Do you need privacy? Opt for an opaque material.

Custom curtains can be expensive, so think about both utility and style before making your decision. There’s many options for great window treatment ideas that work for every budget and skill level. Below are our five favorite trends.

Wood Cornices

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Wood cornices are one of the most classic window treatment ideas, but they are often overlooked as an option in contemporary homes because of their traditional nature. Used alone, however, cornices can create a sleek, modern look.

Though they can be paired with curtains, stained or painted, wood boxes are perfect for the kitchen and bath, where fabric can succumb to water damage. These are best built by a skilled carpenter for a custom fit, so they can be expensive if you aren’t handy.

Cornices hide curtain hardware and blend well with luxurious detailing, like crown molding, to give your home a gracious, regal look.

Painted Windows

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If you love the look of clean edges but lack the funds for custom cornices, you can still have a beautiful window without any soft goods at all by painting the window’s mullions, frame and sill instead of dressing it with curtains.

Any DIYer with a steady hand and some masking tape can paint a window, and the color possibilities are endless. Try a bold pop of color to highlight the view, but for best resale value, choose a dark brown or black color for a chic look.

Swing Arm Curtains

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Swing arm curtains are one of the more unique window treatment ideas, and they haven’t seen much use in the United States in recent years. They require a special hinged curtain rod that allows you to move the curtain to stand out at a 90-degree angle from the window.

Swing arm curtains are a brilliant and surprisingly inexpensive solution for bedrooms where you want to be able to block light easily without having to worry about ruining a carefully pleated or artfully scrunched curtain fabric with daily adjustments.

Opaque Panels

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No list of window treatment ideas would be complete without the ultra-rich look of opaque panels. Classic velvet is great for blocking light, and it can give your bedroom the feel of a sumptuous palace.

Velvet’s beautiful drape allows it to look its best when tied back and allowed to cascade to the floor. Other great choices for opaque panels include sueded fabrics, chenille weaves and silk damask. Choose an unusual color for high impact in both traditional and modern spaces.

Sheer Panels

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Sheers are a bestseller for a reason: they look great in every room without costing a fortune. Sheer panels offer privacy while still allowing for plenty of light in your room, so they’re a great choice for north-facing windows or high-traffic areas.

White sheers create a beautiful, breezy feel and are at their best when hung from floor to ceiling. Sheer panels are also available in a variety of colors. Match the walls for an interesting textural variation, or add a touch of color to a neutral room by choosing sheers in a pastel shade that works with the overall palette of the room.

Matchstick Blinds

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If you’ve got a small space, opt for slim blinds that’ll still let natural light in. Organic, woven fabrics keep a space feeling light and airy.

Roman Shade

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Use a Roman shade to add pattern to a room. If you’re wary of it feeling too bold, keep the wall a neutral tone.

Sheer Curtains

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If you’re lacking on windows, choose sheer panels for maximum light. It’ll help keep the room from feeling too closed off.

Botanical Blinds

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Even if you’re stuck in the city, you can feel closer to nature with the help of some botanical-printed Roman shades. Keep the vibe going with greens, blues, and fresh or silk florals.

Neutral Curtains

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Curtains = instant cozy factor. Choose a neutral color for a calming, soft space.

Tall Curtains

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Tall drapes create contrast and make a room feel bigger. The bold green in this room plays off the art above the bed.

Round Patterned Shades

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The circular pattern on these Roman shades echoes the round stool and mosaic shower tiles. The bright yellow adds a sunny, cheery pop to the bathroom.

Complementary Colored Window Shades

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Blue and white is a classic kitchen color combination. In addition to a cobalt island, this kitchen incorporates the hue in with the shades.

Paisley Window Treatments

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The overscale paisley in these shades was inspired by a Persian textile. A neutral color palette makes the pattern more subtle.

Lavender Curtains

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A dark room can look severe, so soften the style with pastel curtains. To make it feel more cohesive, match your curtains to a lamp.

Chevron Curtains

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Play up colored walls with a patterned curtain in the same shade. This chevron print feels fun yet still traditional.

Pink Shades

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Think pink is only for a girl’s room? Think again. Blush shadesadd a soft, romantic touch to a room.

Island-Style Valances

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Create a tropical cabana no matter where you are thanks to a coral valance. Forever wishing we were on vacation.

Sea Green Curtains

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If you live by the coast, play up the setting with soft blues and greens. The pastel shade with a flowing fabric feels light and airy.

Sky Blue Window Shutters

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If your house is already outfitted with shutters, all you need for an upgrade is a coat of paint. Light blue shutters bring an English country feel to a city kitchen.

Whimsical Printed Curtains

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Curtain fabric in a starfish-and-coral pattern are ideal in a beach house. If you don’t want it to feel too tropical, contrast it with a dark, neutral wall.

Taffeta Window Curtains

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Box-pleat ruffles on the unlined silk taffeta curtains in this apartment give you a sense of fantasy and femininity. A soft blue makes them feel even more ethereal.

Orange Shades

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Floor-to-ceiling curtains make low ceilings feel higher. If bold colors intimidate you, try a pop of color on the trim only.

Blinds and Curtains

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Refuse to choose between two window treatment styles. Matchstick blinds serve the functional purpose of darkening the room, while curtains add a burst of color.

Blue & White Curtains

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Blue and white is the ultimate color palette for a beach house or French country-style room. Keep it subtle by choosing white curtains with blue trim.

Layered Therapies

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Make use of a mix of lights, shutters and also panels for a range of appearances.

Patterned Material

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Large textile with a pattern could be stretched over a framework for a clean look.

Stained-Glass Entry

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Generally found in Victorian residences, discolored glass can be adjusted to all shapes and sizes of home windows.

Huge Signage

An old neon indicator can be made use of as style and relocated front of the window during the night for privacy.

Modern Curtains

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Hang semi-sheer panels on flat-profile drape rods for an extra modern look.

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